"Under the Mistletoe" Kelly Clarkson official Music Video
2D Music Video
Role: Traditional Animator

"Baymax Dreams"
2D/3D Short Films
Role: 2D Animation Lead

"Final Call"
2D Short Film
Role: 2D Character Animator

Final Call Short Film from Sara Barbas on Vimeo.

"The Breadwinner"
2D Feature Film
Role: Intern at Cartoon Saloon-Pre-production Animation Testing

"Eddie of the Realms Eternal"

2D TV Pilot for Amazon Prime

Role: Intern at Cartoon Saloon--2D Effects Animation

"Grandma's Hero"

2D Short Film
Role: Animator, Character Design
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"Hr. Rotteborgmester & Telefonsvareren"

Short Film Produced at the National Film School of Denmark, Directed by Mads Guldborg Bøge
Role: Animator

"Song of the Sea"

2D Feature Film
, sans-serif;">Intern at Nørlum--Character Animation and Cleanup

2D Short Film
Role: Director


2D Commercial project for the Viborg Animation Festival
Role: Animator


3D Short Film Directed by Ty Coyle
Role: Responsible for Character Design

3D Trailer Project
Role: Animator

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